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Jenifer Jul 29 '16

I want to send some of my credits to my friends, how do i transfer my credits to my friends and i also want to know what can they use the credit for?


Admin VIP
Admin Jul 29 '16
To transfer or send your credits to your friends or any member of your choice, follow this steps:

1. Go to my credits at the top menu

2. From my credits drop down menu, click on transfer credits

3. Enter the name of the member you want to transfer your credits to.

4. Enter amount of credit you want to transfer

5. Click on transfer credits button.

As for your second question, the credit receiver can be able to use the credit they receive from you to do the following:

They will be able to use the credits they received from you to:

1. Read your message

2. Reply to your message

3. Chat with you

4. Video and voice talk with you

5. Contact other members and more

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