1. Is it free to join DreamMingle?

A. Absolutely yes, it's 100% free to join DreamMingle.com, no credit card required.


2. After joining what next?

A. After joining confirm your email address by going to your email and follow the instruction you receive in your email then after email confirmation wait for your profile to be reviewed.

3. Can I be able to use the site if I did not confirm my email?

A. No. you can not be able to use the site until your email is confirmed and your profile is reviewed.

4. How long does it take for my profile to be reviewed?

A. Profile reviewed usually takes between 24 hours-72 hours, if after 72 hours and you are still unable to use the site after confirming your email then you may have to contact us as one of this reasons might have occurred. (a) It might have be a delay in your profile review (b) or your profile might have been disapproved.

5. What are the reasons for profile disapproved?

A. In order for us to disaprove your profile that means your profile might of fall into one of this categories, (a) Duplicate profile will lead to disapprove. (b) Fake picture on the profile will lead to disapprove (c) Fake personal information found on the profile will lead to disapprove..(d) Spam or Scam profile will lead to disapprove.

6. Can I join again after my profile is disapproved?

A. Yes, you are welcome at anytime to join again after disapproved of your profile, however we do recommend that you correct the mistake that lead to your profile disapproved before joining the site again.
If you believe that your profile was wrongly disapproved, please do contact us to address the issue and accept our apology.

7. Can I find real people on DreamMingle?

A. Absolutely yes, all the profiles on DreamMingle are all from real people, no fake profiles, no duplicate profiles, all our members are real people that joined our site on daily basis worldwide.

8. How long can my membership remain free?

A. Your membership can remain free as long as you want, however we do recommend that you upgrade your free membership to premium membership in order to enable you have access to important site features.

9. How do I cancel my membership?

A. To cancel your membership, click on unregister profile found on your profile view page.

10. How do I cancel my subscription or recurring payment?

A. To cancel your subscription or recurring payment, contact the payment processor direct by going to their website and request for payment cancellation.

11. Can I request for a refund?

A. No, once your membership is granted, you will no longer be eligible for any refund.

12. Does my photo need to be reviewed?

A. Yes, your photo need to go through the review process and If your photo does not meet our approval requirements, it will be deleted and replace by site default image.

13. What are the photo approval requirements?

A. Our photo approval requirements are as followed:
(a) Your photo must be real photo of you
(b) Your photo must not be a naked photo
(c) Your photo must not be a baby photo, animal photo, another person's photo
(d) Your photo must not be a distance photo that does not show your face or body
(e) Your photo must no be a group photo if your profile is just for you only unless if your profile is for couples, or group profile.

14. What are your profile approval requirements?

A. Our profile approval requirements are as followed:
(a) Your profile must not be found duplicated
(b) Your profile must not contain email address, website, phone number, home or office address, it must not contain any contact information
(c) Your profile must not be found fake or created for the purpose of advertising on our site.
(d) Your profile must not contain any abusive words.
(e) Your profile must contain a real information about you.


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