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Admin Jul 14 '16
We are pleased to announce to you that we just released a video chat feature that means our premium members will be able to video chat and voice talk with each other.

Benefits of video chat:

1. Ability to see the person you are chatting on webcam live and direct

2. Ability to talk online with the person you are chatting with, without exposing your phone number to the person.

3. This video chat feature help to prevent you from wasting time chatting with fake member's with fake profile,  that is the main reason why we created this video chat and voice call feature.

Requirements to use this feature:

1. Paid membership

2. Microphone (to allow you talk 

3. This feature only work on opera, google chrome and Firefox browser. 

4. Computer with web cam

How to use the video chat and voice call: 

1. Click on the picture of the member you want to view their profile

2. From the member's profile details, you will see video call icon on the left side

3. Click on the video call icon to start making call.

To answer incoming call, click accept button, once you accept the call you will be able to see the person real live on web cam and be able to talk to the person while video chatting the person.

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